Monday, 16 January 2012


I haven't been here in a while and I feel kinda stupid for it...I moved to London in September, as I previously posted about, and since then I have found it quite difficult to make friends and fill my time with worthwhile things...

HOWEVER I think this blog is a worthwhile thing and I vow to take the time and effort to nurture my creative side by writing, photography, sketch booking and sewing as I feel it would give me a better sense of worth and would be a better way to spend my evenings  (or what I have left of them after work, the gym and dinner!) and it may even end up a way to meet people (there are millions of people in london, there has to be other lonely people out there!) It also helps that after this brilliant Christmas I have a fully functional brand new sewing machine from the boyf and a lavely tripod to aid with photography from my dad :)

On to more cheerful subjects, I have a brilliant haul from Monsoon to share! I have never really thought much of monsoon due to its slightly confused demographic and higher price range, I tend to only consider the shop if I have a specific posh family event or the like... So anyways the family that I live with (I'm a live in nanny, if I hadn't mentioned that before!) bought me a coat from Monsoon for Christmas, it was quite a nice grey thick affair, but not really my style as I tend to speed walk everywhere and get hot very quickly! So I politely explained this once I came back to London and ask for the opportunity to exchange the coat and I am SO glad I did! For the one £120 exchanged item I got 6 in return! 

 I absolutely adore these two items! They are both from the Fusion range, an amazing collection aimed at younger females I believe, featuring a combination of really fashionable pieces that are well cut and in cute prints and high quality fabrics. The dress fits perfectly and although I originally was not sure about the 'pantomime' sleeves they grew on me quickly! It feels so luxurious and girly to wear, I pranced around a fair amount yesterday despite the cold! The jumper also evokes a mood upon wearing it, as its so soft and cosy, despite being a very loose knit. I think its going to be a very versatile piece, I'm thinking maybe over a white shirt and black jeans? Any other ideas for it?

I was so happy to find this! It's the EXACT size that I need for going back to Zummersettt at the weekends, would fit 2 pairs of clothes, some shoes and a laptop quite happily andddd the pattern is so me! It helps that my weekend handbag has the same brown leather accents (Its a beige Mary Poppins esque bag, photos to come, it was an Urban Outfitters steal!) and therefore they kind of pass as a mix and match luggage set... Kind of...
I haven't photographed the other pieces yet but I also bought pajama trousers, a black coat and a grey cardigan with crocheted detailing.

My other recent purchases have included these beauties for a tenner in New Look, and a few pairs of trousers from there too... I told myself that in January I would be much better with my spending but these sales have been so good that my bank account barely seems to blink at my indulgences!

If anyone else is a bit lonely, even if you aren't in London, drop me a line and maybe we could be pen pals or something! Hahah I love getting post and you would probably receive a few crafted items every now and again :)

Steph xxx

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