Friday, 29 June 2012


Hey everyone, 

I finally did a DIY that I finished and could post about! This was the most simple top to edit ever, and despite having a few difficulties as to how to style it I have worn it so many times since!

T Shirt - H&M, Leggings - Primark, Topshop Necklace & Boots - StylistPick

I had seen so many drop hem tops in stores (for instance - and I wasn't sure if they would be massively impractical... So instead of spending the money and then regretting it I had a look through my pile of things that I never wear but I keep just in case.... And it that pile a found this t shirt and my mum's old sarong.

It was a pretty easy DIY, I just made a mark slightly above my bra line and then cut a straight line up the middle to that point. Then I turned it inside out and sewed one corner of the sarong into the triangle shape. Once this was done I just put it on and measured how long I wanted the bottom to be, cut and hemmed it and voila! The great thing about this is I can do it with different styles, colours and materials. I love that this is two completely different items, and think the contrast works well :)

As I mentioned before I had some difficulties styling it at first but I think it would also work well with high waisted shorts, just haven't been able to rely on the weather lately so haven't tried it!

Whatcha think? :)

Steph xxx

I actually had a photographer for this one! Thanks to Kristi :D (my lovely cousin)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

father's day weekend

So last weekend I went home and spent the say with my crazy family, which in turn meant having a photographer and guest outfit :) haha by this I of course mean my sister...

I believe these are primark jeans and a joules polo but no idea about anything else!
 So yeah that's my sister, I personally believe she is too skinny but beautiful all the same, with a very preppy fashion taste that suits her shape! :)

New Look Jacket, Primark Skirt - £10 (New purchase), Office Pumps and Vero Moda Top
I like how this outfit made me feel uber feminine and was on the perfect dressed up/dressed down borderline, suited my mood and the day perfectly :)

A DIY post to come, another varied hem piece, I just LOVE them so much! :D

Steph xxx

PS On a major gym blast right now (program pictured below) anyone else feeling bikini pressures??!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

summer nails! :D

late jumping on to the ice cream nails bandwagon I know... ha but it's actually sunny right now so its totally appropriate! :) the blue is Barry m, orange and yellow from the llove hearts mua range at superdrug and the green I think is rimmel... if anyone knows where to get a nice mint green from (that's not bladdy shimmery) please let me know! :)

weekend outfit posts to come

steph xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Congratulatory shopping trip :)

I passed my theory test! :D didn't see that one coming... so of course I went into the primary up the road to treat myself! (i'm sure I would have gone even if I failed though...) so I ended up with this outfit :) oh and the necklace is from topshop.
Im trying out phone blogging on my new Samsung galaxy S3 so if these posts seem weird I apologise! but if anyone is considering the phone I absolutely recommend it, as I am an apple hater  it was the perfect anti iphone choice :) also if anyone cares I just got twitter - @SuperNannySteph :)

Steph xxxx