Sunday, 23 October 2011

American Apparel

Another thing I did this weekend was to visit the American Apparel Market Place in Brick Lane, which is a 5 day sale event with up to 90% of their ridiculously over priced clothes! Usually I'm not a fan of this brand, mainly  due to their prices and tendency of making anyone over size 10 feel the size of a house.... HOWEVER due to the promise of cheaper items I decided to give it a go, over all I was pretty happy with the experience (if you ignore the ridiculous trouser sizing they seem to have, unisex items help nothing...) I bought 5 items for £49, two of which were just presents for friends, small items but 3 were for me, the first of which being...


I had never heard of this item prior to buying it but the sign above it showed me that it was a garment that could be altered into many different styles (which I of course looked on upon as a challenge!) I had a lot of fun trying to create styles and researching ones that other people have found and have come to the conclusion that although at first it seemed a novelty piece it also is a truly innovative piece of design. I paid £12 at the sale for mine but it is retailing at £34 currently, and was previously £45. I urge you all to check out the styles I managed to document and see what you think, although I wouldn't pay the original price I think £34 is a good price for what you can get from the dress! Just think we all go looking for that little black dress that works for every occasion but then curse it when we have run out of new ways to style it! Maybe American Apparel have hit the nail on the head with this one!

The only thing I can comment about negatively is the amount of rearranging need to ensure the there are no weird bunched up bits of material at either front of back, but once you have straightened all these out you're good to go!

You can buy your Le Sac dress here in a variation of colours.

Also with the dress I am wearing a new pair of leggings from there which you can buy here but there'll be a better outfit post involving them soon :)

ANNNNNND She's Back :)

Having just bought a new SLR you'll be seeing alot more of me I hope :)

So many things to blog about!
So I moved to London and became a Nanny in Fulham, the kids are lovely and most of the time I find my new career path very fulfilling.

However this domain is a place for my artsy chatty side so look forward to a lot of photography from out and about in London and hopefully when I get my sewing machine back a hilarious insight into me teaching myself techniques...

Hahahahahahaha its good to be back.

This weekend I've met up with a bunch of friends and been trying out the new camera, which is a Nikon D3100. I'm loving it so far but I'm only 4 days into trying out all the settings etc. These are a bunch of photos from out and about in London, namely Brick Lane, Portobello and Kensington. The photos are RAW images so I'm sorry if any don't work or take too long to load, I'm still working out how to make the images smaller to upload them!