Sunday, 29 April 2012

Outfit of the Night

So! I went out last night, to the Roadhouse in Covent Garden, pretty awesome place, cool band called 'BigDog' did rocky covers of crowd pleasing sing-a-long songs until like 12 and then DJ took over, who also was pretty ace :)

I wasn't really sure what the club would be like as I hadn't been before so I went for something not too casual but not too dressy either, Primark Shirt (£10), which was a brand new purchase from the few hours I spent with some friends in the very stuffy and busy Oxford Street Primark. I think this piece is pretty versatile, hoping to use it as a beach cover-up or to wear undone with jeans for everyday use.

Not exactly a quality shot but it was pretty rushed and I have done any for quite a while! The shorts are from Forever 21 and I LOVE them, best for going out, although I'm not sure I'd ever chance them without tights! Maybe after another 2 months in the gym!

I went with a magenta theme with my make-up and nails as I thought it was the combination of it with the blue stripes was quite striking, products used are shown below (on my pillowcase!) if you wanna know the specifics of colours etc then just leave me a comment :)

Has anyone got any favourite clubs in London they think I should try out? I'm pretty new here so never know where I should go!

Pics from my Paris Trip to come next!

Steph xxx

P.S Here's an outake, wasn't sure whether I should smile or pout! (An age-old dilemma)