Monday, 14 November 2011

A stroll in Kensington Gardens

Just a quick outfit post from a few weeks ago (i swear trying to make me keep on track with uploading is gonna take a while, but nothing grows unless you nurture it hey?!)

Scarf - Camden (£2!!)  Top and Cardigan - Tescos
Skirt - American Apparel  Shoes - Sports Direct!

Necklace - Originally Urban Outfitters but I nabbed it in a charity shop for a few quid!
Earrings - Primark

The skirt I'm wearing was another purchase from the American Apparel warehouse sale, pretty good find, only £12 there but £30 here! This outfit is ver y me to be honest, I like a lot of black but with a few coloured pieces to break it up! I like to think it allows me to look slimmer and fairly fashionable but at the same time not too 'out there' or dull! haha let me know what you think :) xxx


  1. helloo! thanks for the comment. i got into it when i joined triangle (deaf women's group, im deaf myself) and some of us applied to walk the moonwalk as a team. you can walk as an individual! if you even have one mate you both can walk together as a team! call yourselves "the duo" or something. otherwise you can join us? but just to be aware, we all are deaf and we cant guarantee you feeling totally welcomed as we only communicate by sign language. to gain friends, you could maybe join some classes, such as art or dance. do not hesitate to ask again if you need to! ❤

  2. you look lovely with this outfit by the way :)