Monday, 17 January 2011


Ha, soooo I have a nottingham trent uni interview in a week and around 10 hours.... (For Fashion Accessories Design)  Needless to day that explains the lack of posting... (I just noticed its been over two weeks + I have new followers! Hey guys!) Sorry about that....
Just thought i'd pen my stress and take 5 minutes to display my activities lately...

Some coool stuff on the college front, portfolio pictures to come, I'd love your advice on some stuff, plus here's a glimpse of where my latest project is taking me -

Theme - Urban
Won't say too much on this as I'll do a detailed post when the project is finished (and my interviews are out the way!), however I will say I've taken the theme into empowering women and gun crime... Craaaazy mix!

The rest are just a few funny or interesting things I've noted with the cam lately :) Some things I just feel the need to capture!

Looked pretty, gotta do something while stuck on a bus!

We finger knitted! Crazy times within the textiles group...couldn't work out why we were told to do it so we put my housemate Emily in it just for lols. :D

Not an outfit post but the closest I could get late at night with no photographer...HA!

So there you have it, my life of late... Speaking of late, getting up at 8 when you didn't sleep til half 5 and then working 5-1 the next evening in the McJob after a full day of college does not sound like fun... :(
Wish me luck! :)

Steph xxx

P.S Next post will require your opinions! WHAT TO WEAR TO INTERVIEWS?!

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  1. Oooh just realised your interview must be today? Hope goes well! My friend goes to Nottingham Trent and I've visited her several times, think it's an awesome uni :) Love the pics and the blog! Following x