Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hello Blogoshpere!

:D Boy am I glad to be finally doing this! I've been reading blogs for over a year now after being introduced by the lovely Sadie at Sadie's Wardrobe (A real life I've since been a little too into checking on my favourite blogs and seeing whats going on in the world of fashion. Since joining an Art and Design Foundation I've found the want to start a blog grow considerably, so here I am, throwing myself in at the deep end. :D Be kind to me yeah? (Also comments, criticisms etc are allllllllllllllllllllways welcome!) I sort of wanted to show what I intend this to be all about with these first couple of posts so I've included an outfit post, an artist feature and a few of my fave photos/edits.

OOTD - Snow Day!

This was a beautiful day, my housemate and I woke up to the beautiful city of Bath covered in around 6 inches of snow and were ecstatic, being the children we are! This prompted a call to our friend and a lovely walk in the countryside, of course showing off some fetching wellies and beloved knitwear. :) 

<> My friend Kendal and I <>

<> Hat - Kendal's <> Knitted Jumper Dress - Scrapstore Material Bin! <>
<> Leather Jacket - New Look <> Wellies - Country Clothing Company Rydale <>
<>Belt - Found in my house somewhere <>

<> Knitted Cardigan - Urban Outfitters <>
<> Wellies - Hunter <>


Artist Feature - Helaina Sharpley

As I love designing/drawing in wire my college tutor recommended this particular artist to me as her sensitivity to the material is out of this world and definately something I'm gonna try to work towards (at some point I'll do a post on my own work but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet!) So yeah, as well as that its just soooo pretty! :D Sharpley has a variety of work from tea related images (my favourite thing so that was always going to be a winner!) to grandfather clocks and various scenery from places she has been/lived. These come in the form of either 2D drawings in wire or 3D wire sculptures.

This piece is my favourite, despite how much I love the tea pieces! The beautiful intricacy of the piece makes me want to look at it for hours and I love how she's used different thickness's and amounts of wire to show the perspective of the street.
Last of all in this pretty big post  - Photography/Edits
(I hope I can live up to this length of post again!)

<> A local town - proving that everywhere can be beautiful! <>

<> My favourite of all the firework snaps I took :D <>

<> I couldn't resist throwing a christmas pic in there..It is my fave time of year after all! <>

<> My cake at Patisserie Valerie -Possible Review to come! <>

<> Just a quick snap of what my bf likes to call the Uni 'Propaganda' that currently graces my bedroom wall, I couldn't resist, my wall looked so bare before! <>

That's all folks! Ha, I hope my inane ramblings are of interest to some people out there, drop me a line of what you thought, email or comment, I'd love to hear some opinions! Hopefully to come will be a nice christmas present post and a few more outfit/fashion posts once I've checked out the sales ;) 

Steph xxx

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  1. Your wall is so cool!!
    I love the photo of you walking along a snowy path :) I should have made better use of the snow for outfit photos!

    Also loving the tea themed wire art - anything tea related is good in my books :D

    Once I've written my next post I'll point some people in your direction!